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Jon Lord’s Policy

Jon Lord is running for mayor of Calgary

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Jon Lord’s Policy
Jon Lord is running for Mayor of Calgary 2013 and wants your vote on October 21st, 2013. Jon was born in Calgary and knows the landscape very well both politically and personally. His experience is second to none and he wants to use it to our advantage, he just needs a little help getting elected.
Jon Lord’s policy platform offers a blueprint to restore credibility & integrity to city government, and sets out practical steps for responsible growth and tax fairness. A Message From Our Sponsors:
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The most important issue in this election? Setting the example for our young people, civic employees and everyone, that integrity matters in all that we do. Integrity has to come from the top. This is NOT being demonstrated at City Hall now. Does Calgary have amongst the lowest property taxes in Canada? NO, we do NOT!  We are near the top – most taxes are hidden and indirect.  Is taxing another $33 million on top of the $52 Million going to lower your taxes and make housing for our new young families more affordable? NO, it is NOT! -the money is just going to pay skyrocketing paycheques at City Hall – the rest is just a diversion. Is the Mayor taking responsibility for all that happens at City Hall, which is his job? NO, he is NOT. He blames others. And what’s wrong with our local artists – not good enough for City Hall? This election, use your vote to Send City Hall a message: Integrity matters! Vote Jon Lord for Mayor of Calgary 2013. PLEASE SCROLL DOWN FOR MORE INFO
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