He Was Born For Music And He Knew It From The Very Beginning

What makes Jon a great musician? Jon knew that he was born for music and without music his world would turn upside down. When he was still a kid, he reaches for any musical instrument and will try to play them. His hunger for music made him as a man. He used music to connect to people and express his feelings.

Jon Won’t Settle Down For Something Less

When he was granted a scholarship in a prominent school, Jon didn’t stop there. He tried his best to become a good student, but he was more than a good student. He saw the things that needed in a school to give better education to young musicians like him. He broke away with the school with closest teachers and friends and put up their own school. He will not settle down, and in the name of music, he was willing to sacrifice.

He Never Stopped Learning

In one of his interviews, he was asked if he is already satisfied with his achievements. He humbly replied, “I’ll be dead before that happens,  I’d like to be a better player than I am.” He said that he still found himself banging his head on his piano wall. He still wanted to learn more specially Beethoven, Chopin, Mozart, and Liszt repertoires. He could never imagine a world without music.

He Was Versatile

Jon was not only a pianist. He was a composer who have knowledge in other music instruments. He knew how to play flute, and if you heard him play, you would think that it was his main instrument. Jon was a respecter of music, he never think that one instrument is greater than the other. He appreciates all of them.

He Was A Man With A Sense Of Purpose

Jon was not satisfied by just playing piano or being in a band. He knew that his purpose was to influence music and leave his marks. And he did it wonderfully. He made his mark and we cannot erase music in his name. It will be forever embedded with his name. When he left Deep Purple, he was devastated but at the same time knew that he had to find his way back to music alone. He needed to find himself and reunite with his purpose again.

A Great Person And Friend

Jon was not only good in music but he was a great friend. He knew how to treat his friends well. When he was still alive, he had so many friends in his life. He understood that friendship was one of the greatest treasures in life.