awards night

He deserved more than awards and recognitions compared to the contributions he offered us while he was alive. But that’s the only thing we can do now, to appreciate and let him continue to live on in our memories.

Doctor Of Music

University of Leicester awarded him one of the best awards artist can get, Doctor Of Music. To achieve this award one artist should have exemplary portfolio. The compositions and publications are reviewed and scrutinized by professionals and experts in music. To receive this award is a proof that you made great contributions worth remembering just like Jon did.

Classic Rock Innovator Award

Deep purple was awarded Jon was so happy when they won this award as a band. It only proved that they created history of good music. Classic Rock Magazine is the bible of rock lovers. The award is based on the votes of thousands of subscribers of the magazine. He appreciated the band and its members. He said that felt like an hero with them on stage.

Honorary Fellow

Stevenson College in Edinburgh inducted him as an Honorary Fellow. Stevenson College acknowledged his contributions though he was never part of the university. He deserves to be recognized and we appreciate Stevenson College for recognizing him.

Tommy Vance Inspiration Award

Jon won another award which was accepted by his daughter.  We’re sure that his family and loved ones are so proud of him. We are so proud of you Jon!