Happiness In Action

What’s happiness composed of?

This question might appear trivial, but as much as real happiness is concerned, it’s the perfect question ever to begin with. In our daily life, we absolutely know that something is missing in us.

We’re the most miserable generation on Earth. Rather than finding out what’s missing precisely, lots of individuals stare at something that’s fictitious.

If happiness is composed of something that’s visible, do we have the ideal eyes to see it? Happiness was within us because the day we were born, but sadly we go far away in a foreign location to hunt it. Is it that we are blind or don’t want to see?

What about true joy in action?

Here we go. The most vital things in life, such as joy, love, compassion, and health, are free and much more real than real. They may be available to each one of us openly, but after we lose them it’s completely tough to restore or purchase them at a marketplace.

In the world, there are two stories: the story of the wealthy people and bad ones. The story of wealthy people is all about dearth of happiness, love, and health, while the narrative of poor people is all about paucity of cash. But who’s richer in reality? I guess the bad people because they have the basic things at hand.

Whatsoever, an individual ought to live practically or sensibly without fear to keep the noblest things in life. Take for example children. Kids are practically sad or happy. You won’t ever find them swaying between happiness and sadness. Kids are honest, yet unconsciously; they’re completely oblivious of the fact they’re the happiest people on the planet.

When one is happy like kids, everything looks perfect; nothing is missing. To the contrary, when one is considerate, everything appears to be obscure, tough or hard. I wonder if thought is the only issue of happiness.

Thought is a heavy storm which may overshadow happiness. Enlightened masters feel that idea makes the brain foggy, and consequently one needs to clean out the mind to adopt thoughtlessness. To put it differently, thoughtlessness is a symptom of healthy mind and body. It’s a fact that if your mind is clear or translucent, we enter into a state of bliss.

The entire planet becomes a field of happiness, joy and love. You should always bear in mind that we can’t look for happiness; we could only protect or preserve it. We were born pleased with full of possibility to be more joyful and the happiest.

Now the first question changes and becomes “What are you composed of?”