His life was gift to us. When he was living, he wants to create music that will uplift the hearts of the people. He wants to change the world through music and for us, he succeeded. If you hear the name Jon Lord, you think of classical music. You immediately can think of passion, talents, and pleasure. That was his work. We miss you big time Jon!

Deep Purple

In 1968, Deep Purple band was formed.  They pioneered heavy metal and modern hard rock. Through the help of Jon, their music continually evolved with time. Imagine, Deep Rock is titled as the “the globe’s loudest band” in Guinness Book of World Records. The band was a hit and sold millions of albums around the world.

White Snake

Jon became part of White Snake when Solley’s had other commitments and priorities. He replaced him and became the keyboardist. And through his expertise in music, he took the band to another level.

“To Notice Such Things”

When Sir John Mortimor passed away in 2009, Jon, his very close friend, wrote a piece for him. He dedicated the piece for the departure of his friend and recorded it in Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra through the guidance of Clark Rundell. The piece is lovely and truly unforgettable.

“Pictured Within”

Jon rarely produce music with lyrics but when he lost his parents, he wrote a song about losing your loved ones. He returned to piano based style with gentler approach. It was one of his best works.