A Success Tip: Get Wisdom

A massive bank balance or asset register is not more important than your MIND equilibrium (COGNITIVE POWER). The main reason is that you always have the option to CREATE riches when you grow in WISDOM.

Wisdom Deficiency always seeks to push you against the wall of poverty and lack. In all your getting and hoarding, get the PRINCIPAL item, get wisdom. This can help you create more and preserve all you’ve built thus far.

Occasionally when asked what the one thing we need in life is, the obvious answers are such things as power, money, relationships, influence etc disregarding the all-important wisdom. Wisdom is what makes all of the things we need a reality and potential to keep.

If you get all of the power you need then you’re an absolute threat to mankind should you not have an ounce of knowledge as that power will corrupt you absolutely. The same holds for riches without wisdom etc.. You preferably have wisdom as the sole possession and then all you’ll get will either grow or will be well preserved than lost.

The issues that bother humanity to this day are linked to lack of wisdom. Every issue that exists is a wisdom related issue. Leaders of nations throughout the planet who lack wisdom run down their nations by tyrannical and autocratic techniques. That’s a indication that intellect is lacking. In countries where wisdom abounds, everybody yells.

Wisdom is contagious, when you have it, you can’t manage to keep it to yourself. You truly feel like letting it go to another person. Maturity isn’t age-related, comes not only with approval of responsibility but also the growth in wisdom. Life is such that every encounter (positive or negative) builds up the wisdom bank on your mind,

The next time somebody else faces a similar situation you’re better positioned to advise or give words of wisdom. When you realize this fact you may realize you’re not just living your life for you just but also for those around you. Spread the wisdom around your community by Allowing yourself to mentor and coach others. The more you keep wisdom to yourself the less the impact we make on those around you.

You have to have a never-ending desire for more wisdom and a propensity to talk about all you’ve received. If nobody takes the freedom and initiative to talk about their own wisdom then sooner or later there will be no wisdom going around. Take action, take responsibility and share your wisdom with others.