Life Is Too Short

Jon lived his life to the fullest. He indulged himself through music. He had a good life with a great story to tell. He was an inspiration to all of us and for those who want to follow his path. His death made us realize that life is too short to spend it to something that you are not happy about. Jon wanted to do more, create music, help young musicians, and learn more. It’s true that there is no enough time to the things we had to do. All we can do is to enjoy the moment of our existence in this world. Jon has not only taught us music but he also taught us how to live.

Take Care Of Your Health

He died at the age of 71. It is pretty long compared to the human life span now a days. We wish it could’ve been longer. Jon was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. It is a common disease that manifest at the age of 65 years old. Pancreatic Cancer is more of a health and lifestyle issue. Improper diet and health management is blamed for the manifesting of this deadly disease. Pancreatic cancer is one of those disease with low survival rate. Sadly, it took Jon’s life. Due to his death┬áJon Lord Fellowship was launched. The fellowship is conducting intensive research about this disease. They are working on the preventions one can take to prevent pancreatic cancer.

Don’t Afraid To Let Go

Many times in Jon’s life that he had to let go. When his parents died, he composed songs with lyrics to help him move on. He lost his friends who he dearly treasure. It was very painful for him, knowing Jon. He was a type of person who value others so much. If there was anyone here who understand the value of friendship, it would be Jon. Though painful, Jon knew that he had to move on. He knew that there is more to life, he has music to make and there other people who loves him dearly, so he moved on. Jon was also good at letting things go when its not good anymore. He left Deep purple because he realized that he lost his first love – music. It was the toughest decision he had to make but he still made it anyway.


Don’t Be Afraid To Follow Your Dreams

Jon started as a kid who wants to play instruments. And as he grow, the hunger for music became stronger. At the time, going for a career in music doesn’t seem to be a good idea but Jon didn’t care. He knew that nothing will make him happier than playing his music. So followed his dreams, which has taken him to many places. Thanks to the courage of Jon, that until now we can still enjoy his music.